camps and races in sedona & the santa monica mountains  



Sedona landscape speaks for itself, but here's what our runner's say about us :)

Why Run with Us?

Denver ~ "By far one of teh coolest experiences ever! A whole lot of climbing mountains, jumping off rocks and running through the desert. 6.5 hours of the best views and fun running!"

Nicole ~ "Great looking shirts and a truly beautiful course."

Tessa ~ "So far the most beautiful race I have ever run...brtual, but stunning...omg, what an epic race. Thank you for organizing it."

Robert ~ "I just want to say the staff on hand were amazing, helpful with a caring attitiude."

Nicole ~ "It was a pleasure for us to run? Awesome people, stunning landscape, a beautiful medal. We made a lot of new memories, took photos. We hope one day we'll come back to Sedona, run again. Thanks to the many lovely volunteers."

Brett ~ "That was tough, but worth it! Awesome event."

Kelly ~ "We had so much fun doing the run and meeting everyone...looking forward to coming back for more...definitely! Sedona is beautiful."

Renee ~ " Thanks so much. The race was fantastic."