How To Register...

Registration is now open at Ultrasignup.

Your 1 time registration fee is for 2 days of running. It does not include AZ sales tax nor Ultrasignup fees. 

$300 for all Ultra distance combinations (Saturday and Sunday).

$150.00 for all combinations less than an Ultra distance (Saturday and Sunday).

In the interest of saving runner's a few dollars, we are offering an "OG" registration. Simply fill out the registration form below and mail us a check. If you choose to go "OG" you will avoid any additional fees. Your registration fee will be $300 or $150 depending on which race combo you select.

Email us at: if you have any questions

We will receive your form once you click the "Submit" button. Please make your check payable to Trail Running Escapes and mail it to:

Trail Running Escapes

PO Box 4287

Sedona, AZ 86340

you have two ways

"OG" Registration

camps and races in sedona & the santa monica mountains