Registration is now open at Ultrasignup.

Saturday's races

50M is $195.00

34M is $180.00

21M is $165.00

12M is $80.00

4M is $45.00

In the interest of saving runners a few "dollas", we are offering an "OG" registration. Simply fill out the registration form below and mail us a check. If you choose to go "OG" you will avoid any additional fees. 

All registered runners will receive a commemorative medal, awesome technical shirt, post race tacos and 1 complimentary beer! Cheers :)

Email us at: if you have any questions

"OG" Registration



We will receive your form once you click the "Submit" button. Please make your check payable to Trail Running Escapes and mail it to:

Trail Running Escapes

PO Box 4287

Sedona, AZ 86340

Be sure to include your donation and/or hat monies along with your race registration fee, if you selected any additional options.

you have two ways

camps and races in sedona & the santa monica mountains  

See you April 19, 2025!!!

How To Register...