suzanne craven

ben beneski

ann ongena

Ann is one of our most experienced guides. She has been running in the Santa Monica Mountains for over a decade. There is no trail Ann doesn't know. She is a world traveled ultra-runner, mother of five and loves to cook. Ask Ann about her destination races and latest recipe!

mallory "muy" ham

Janna has been guiding with us since we started in 2014. She lives at the base of the Santa Monica Mountains and knows these trails better than most. If you're lucky enough to have her as a guide, you're in the best of hands. Ask Janna what instrument she plays!

Meet our Guides

If you got stranded on a mountain, Manley is who you want to be with. His calming nature and outdoor experience would get you home. Manley joined our team this year, but we have known Manley for many more. He is extremely knowledgable about the Santa Monica Mountains and beyond. Want to know more about our local backcountry? Ask Manley!

Suzanne joined us in 2016 and has guided some of our most popular camps. She is local to our Santa Monica Mountains and always brings a smile to share. Ask Suzanne what her next trail running adventure is!

Ben started guiding with us in 2016 and has been an awesome addition to our team. He'll be the first to carry an extra water, slow his pace to leave no one behind or simply share a smile of encouragement. Ask Ben where his business travel took him last!

Sarah Shoemaker

manley klassen

greg "g" smith

Mallory or "Muy" as we know him joined us this year. We love Muy!!! Everyone loves Muy. He's knowledgeable, adventurous and will celebrate your accomplishments with a beer. Ask Muy about the local breweries!

Janna Williams

Greg "G" has been guiding with us since we started in 2014. He is one of our most popular guides because he can help pass the miles like no one else. He is knowledgeable about our trails and shares the best stories. Everyone loves Greg. Ask Greg about anything :) 

Sarah's spirit is contagious. We love having her guide our runs, because she makes every mile seem easy. Don't let that smile fool you though, Sarah is a strong runner. If Sarah is your guide, you're certain to laugh out loud. She's a jokester. Ask Sarah about the time she walked out of the trails on a broken foot!

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