camps and races in sedona & the santa monica mountains  



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All racers will be required to carry their phone with the Ride with GPS app loaded with each day's route OR wear a watch/device with the race's GPX/TCX files for navigation purposes. This is mandatory! We highly reccommend using the Ride with GPS app on your phone. The voice navigation is top notch. You will never have to look at your phone (unless you get off course). The voice command will prompt you several times prior to your turn. If you get off course for some reason, it prompts you that you are off course. In addition to the navigation features, your friends and family can track you while on course. You can also record your run on Strava while navigating the course with Ride with GPS app.

You may be asking yourself..."why is this running race using software called "Ride with GPS" for their course maps and navigation? Why not use Strava or Trailforks? All good questions! Trail Running Escapes produces trail running events while their sister company Cycling Escapes produces cycling events. We have found in our 30 years combined experience, that Ride with GPS is the best for navigation. Strava is very popular and we use it ourselves for recording our runs and rides, but it does not offer voice navigation and it does not prompt you when you are off course. Likewise with Trailforks...which we also use when exploring new towns and new trails. Both excellent apps, but not for this application.

We will be posting all six race GPX files here as soon as the National Forest approves them. As a registered runner, you will also receive an email from us with a "Red Rocks of Sedona" special link designed specifically for this event. It will contain all six race course files and more. 

For 55K racers, we reccommend carrying a small external USB battery for your phone if you anticipate being on course for more than 5 hours. Escpecially if you use the Ride with GPS navigation on your phone AND record your run with Stava. Two apps being used simultaneously (yes~this can be done, we've done it ourselves), will drain your phone battery fast. Otherwise, you can help prolong your battery life by downloading the race courses and viewing them for navigation offline. Keeping your Home screen closed will also help reduce battery drain.

We will be posting more tips here in the coming days to help you navigate ( no pun intended ) the Ride with GPS phone app. We will explain how to download and use this application with ease, troubleshooting possible snafus and more...